About my journey as an Erotic Artist.......

For 35 years, I worked as a children's book illustrator, muralist and architectural illustrator. I began working in Toronto, Canada at the age of 16 (1974) as a fashion illustrator and window designer. In 1980 I studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Fortunately, I worked for the rich and famous and my schooling was paid for by several of my employers. Recognizing my talent, they supported me and paid my tuition to prestigious colleges.

It wasn't until 2008, when I turned 50, that I truly began embracing my wild side, so to speak. I wanted more from my art.

I met Madison Young (voted 10th best bondage model in the world). She ran Femina Potens Gallery in San Francisco. She told me that she represented LGBTQI, and Female Erotic Artists! I began my career as a Female Erotic Artist.

I was so amazed by her looks. A beautiful red haired woman!
She said she was a bondage model. . . uh, I thought to myself. . . .I don't know what a bondage model is.
When I went home and Googled "bondage model", Madison came up on a website called Hogtied, at Kink.com. Wow!!! I was enlivened! Ropes on a naked woman. I wanted to know more. I became obsessed with rope bondage. I started painting rope bondage because it was beautiful.
It was as if the art was living sculpture.

My life has changed because of it tremendously. I have lost friends over my expression of art.

My work is so powerful that it evokes emotions in the public that I can't believe. My work pushes the boundaries that we all have on ourselves. I express joy, love, honor, beauty, bold freedom and most of all respect. I want to allow people to express themselves through my art.

I find myself involved with the Fetish and Sex Positive Communities. I have been given the opportunity to represent some of the most awesome people I know. I have painted Lochai, The Two Knotty Boys, Sahy and Stefanos, Madison Young, Gray Dancer, Luke Degrey, Rain DeGrey, Sabrina Fox, James Mogul, Jinx, LillaKatt, Annie Sprinkle, Robert Lawrence, Maggie Mayhem, Carol Queen, Arabelle Raphael & Van Darkholme's rope bondage.

It has become my mission to educate the world through my artistic expression that depicts acts of sex & love.
I am dedicated to honoring the sex positive communities with my belief that individual sexuality belongs to each of us. My sole purpose in creating art is to shine a beautiful light on this often misunderstood culture.

My work is a very sensitive collaborative effort between myself and my very trusting subjects.

I have been truly blessed by each one of these individuals that have allowed me to enter into their very intimate lives. I will continue to document extremely powerful individuals through my art, as I am inspired to convey their freedom to express human sexuality.

Over the past 8 years I have been embraced by these communities. I've exhibited at the Citadel, Mission Control, The Center for Sex and Culture, Good Vibrations, The Tom of Finland Erotic Art Show, The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Erotic Signature, The Dirty Show, The SF Armory, Wicked Grounds, Femina Potens Gallery, One Taste and many other venues.

In 2009, the Tom of Finland Foundation awarded me The Best Emerging Erotic Artist Award for my painting entitled "Unspoken Bond" (8ft x 8ft portrait of bondage art featuring Madison Young and Lochai).

I consider myself blessed to have found my true calling as an Erotic Artist.

In a world where we are not openly taught to embrace our sexuality, I have found a voice and an avenue to teach others that we can be proud to express our own uniqueness and love ourselves.

Please feel free to contact me about my work.

I am always excited about private commissions and would love to talk to you about your ideas.

....Nancy Peach