Jelly Fish Gallery, San Francisco, California
February 2011
Featuring my collection of Oil Painting that I have produced "Life Size" of the performers that you see in the photos below. The Two Knotty Boys, Dan and JD pose in front of their portrait. See how Dan looks the same as my portrait. I also installed Liliane Hunt, a 15 foot tall painting that is hung on the back wall of the gallery. It represent's Liliane Hunt. Liliane also performed when she arrived through a smoked filled room with her performance featuring latex, gas masks, leather, whips and elegance. Watch the video below to see this remarkable performance.
Shay & Stefanos performance with Neurine Mechanic has Neurine being set on fire and not burning her!
Rain DeGrey ties Chloe and LillaKatt in a devilish performance. Then Violet Wine performs a "Self Tie".
Enjoy watching video and viewing the images from this most incredible evening.
Reminds me of the Nichol Kidman and Tom Cruise movie ~ Eyes Wide Shut.

The following paintings will be on exhibit for the month of February, 2011.
Come and celebrate with me for this one woman show!