January 31st, 2014

I opened up my email tonight and received an email from a friend, John Adams. It had a photo of me shooting Kate's Resurrection. The caption read "5 Years Ago Today".

I met Kate in September of 2008. She was working at the front desk of the Power Exchange in San Francisco. My husband and I had just missed an Art Opening at The Center for Sex and Culture, right down the street, so we decided to check out the Power Exchange for the first time. We mentioned to Kate that we were late to the opening down the street so we decided to come in. She got very excited and went to her purse to show us something. She said that the kind of art that she liked was Rope Bondage and Suspension Art and she pulled out a postcard of someone tied in the most beautiful Shibari (rope bondage art) art. She went on to explain that for her 21st birthday she wanted to have a bondage rigger suspend her once she is pierced with hooks. This type of suspension pose is called the Resurrection pose.
I was very quick to respond to her as I immediated felt as though this was something that I would like to create art from. I told her that I would see if Lew Rubens, a specialist in Bondage Rigging, could do it. I set up the entire event. Her piercer, Nickarous had an amazing tattoo of a woman with a head of snakes and I knew it would translate very well to a painting. I booked the "Playroom" on the second floor of Mr. S. Leather and Lew Rubens agreed to invent an apparatus to suspend and rig Kate from. We had at least a couple dozen photographers at the shoot with professional lighting. It was the first time I would see a hook suspension and I was right in the center of the action. Taking close ups of these enormous hooks entering into Kates skin and not bleeding was so unbelievable. I don't know how that works! During this event, John Adams happened to come by and he took the position of holding Kate's head while Lew tied her and then ultimately suspend ed her. Years later, John Adams and his wife Sue have becomve very good friends of ours and they live really close to us, in Sausalito.

This is just am amazing series of photographs. I did produce 3 paintings from this series and 2 of them sold in Portland, Oregon and the other I gave to Kate, as a present..
She said that during the entire time she was in such bliss. It is a transformational experience.
Enjoy these amazing photographs.

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