Lisa Lisa

November 2011, I received a call from Lisa Lisa. She wanted to commission me to do a painting of her. She met me at my show at the Modern Art Gallery in San Francisco when I produced The Art Undressed Show. She was one of the models! I was excited. We did a shoot and I am designing some layouts for the painting. I will be sending them to her and we shall see which one she picks.

December 10th, 2011
I photographed her and designed her with herself, as she is a Gemini and has tattoos on her ass and her torso. Take a look at the images I produced from the shoot. This was a challenging painting to design, as she needed to have her front and her back showing. I designed the painting to include 2 of her.

January 21st I delivered LisaLisa Flying on Ring. The painting is an amazing interpretive piece.
Go to my blog to read about my interpretation of the piece.
jEvery element means something to me.

LisaLisa Flying on Ring Final Painting 72