Pony & Arabelle

March 19th, 2013

I am exhibiting this painting on Saturday and it's Tuesday right now. I will be delivering this painting wet to the gallery! I love a deadline.
I have distressed the background in this painting with gold & silver leaf. I love how it is turning out.

Pony & Arabelle 2nd Day complete
Pony & Arabelle 2nd day detail

March 20th

I'm so very happy the way this painting is turning out. I only have tomorrow to finish the painting so it can be delivered to the gallery.
Nothing like pressure to make me work.

Pony & Arabelle 2nd day painting detail
Pony & Arabelle 2nd day painting detail pony only

This painting began with . . .

my first glimpse of Arabelle Raphael. I first noticed her when Chi Lum photographed her and then I saw her with Venus De Mila. I wanted to paint her, but I put it on the back burner.

Years later I met Pony Gold. A striking platinum blonde with the most beautiful eyes. I met her when I installed my 15ft painting of Liliane Hunt at the Armory in San Francisco, home of Kink.com. She interviewed me when I had my art opening there.

So, last September, 2012.......

The San Francisco Erotic Art Exhibition was hosting a fashion show and Pony was modeling latex. She was amazing! I had an idea. Paint her with Arabelle Raphael! Why not. She was so clear and bright with this very short hair and I saw the imagery with the jet black hair of Arabelle. I spoke to Pony about this idea and she said I could use the Armory to shoot. Wow, I was off. The Armory is a wonderful place and I am right at home there.

I only had to contact Arabelle. I found her on Facebook and messaged her and asked her is she would be into this. A photo shoot with Pony at the Armory. I was so impressed with her prompt response. She said yes! Next to meet with Pony and see where to shoot at the Armory.

Going through I wanted something that I could get the women wet. I wanted to soak them and have their makeup running down their face. I also wanted a reflective quality on the floor. I planned on puddling water for reflection. After looking at a few sets at Kink.com, I decided upon the Slaughter House. It had this metal wall. It would be perfect.

The day came when it was time to shoot them. I was so very nervous. I had to shoot with lighting and I was always used to shooting with natural light. Quite differently for me. I used the lights that Kink.com had. There was a really wonderful lighting guy that assisted us with blue and yellow gels for the lights. I wanted to have dramatic lighting.

The women came into my Slaughter House with freshly applied make up and they glowed. So beautiful together, just what I thought. I also found metal bras with leather collars in the prop room and I was able to borrow them for the shoot. The only thing I needed was my keen sense of knowing. The knowing that comes from doing this work professionally since I was 16. Art comes from doing it. Once the process begins it blossoms like a flower. The art unfolds right before your eyes.

I was overwhelmed with the stunningly vibrant energy they had for one another. I started shooting and knew right away I was on to something miraculous! They were pure heaven to look at. In about an hour I had shot over 250 images and was done. There were so many great images to work from. I totally forgot about getting them wet!

I have painted 3 paintings of Pony & Arabelle and they are all spectacular!

Check out the other paintings on my work in progress pages. They are called Arabelle Reclining and Pony & Arabelle's Kiss.

I think it is interesting to share where my paintings come from.

Pony & Arabelle 2nd day painting entire
Pony & Arabelle Final Painting both detailed

March 21st, 2013


Now I can deliver tomorrow to Amelia Hyde Gallery.

Pony and Arabelle are suppose to be at the opening.
It will be wonderful to have them there!

Pony looks amazing in this painting!

Pony & Arabelle Final Painting for facebook
Pony & Arabelle Final Painting small file