two knotty boys rope added complete5

November 1st, 2010
I'm at the stage that I am nervous about the painting. I just added all the rope linework and the blue's and purples. It's hard now, as I can go either way at this point. I could ruin the painting at this point and I always get a little nervous at this point.
Wish me luck!

Well everything went Blue!!!!!!
Now I'm very nervous! I didn't want to show this image, because everything went so blue. It's my way of developing the highlights and it's always a way to see the cold side of such a hot painting!

See ya tomorrow. By the way, it's November 3rd, 2010

Two Knotty Boys 4thjpg
Two Knotty Boys Black 006

November 4th,
I have added the black to their outfits. Everything is coming along just great now!

November 5, 2010
I've added all the color, I just have to wait for it to dry to add the final details in line work!

Two Knotty Boys rope final 002