Emily with wings

Flowers and Fishnet Series

Masquerotica website poster

Liliane Hunt performs at Masquerotica on stage with all Nancy Peach Paintings

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This video contains graphic sexual content and I am warning you before you view it. The video was shot at the San Francisco Armory, home of Kink.com. The event was my unveiling of the 15ft tall portrait I did of Liliane Hunt. This painting hung at the armory in 2010 for 9 months.

September 2009
The Center for Sex and Culture presented my 8ft x 8ft portrait of Madison Young and Lochai, entitled "Unspoken Bond" with a series of 4 portraits of Madison. Lochai and Madison performed "Blind Faith" for a standing room only crowd. The audience is interviewed and we see Carol Queen giving a testimony of my work. It was another spectacular evening!

This video is of my opening at Jellyfish Gallery, February 19th, 2011. The evening was spectacular! The night opens with Liliane Hunt performing with her Pony cart and then the Two Knotty Boys suspended Bre and Sophie (from Kink.com). The performance got really hot when Shay & Stefanos did fire play on Nerrine. Then Rain Degrey rigged Lilakatt and Chloe in a dramatic tie.
The video was created by Retrotie. Retrotie is a fabulous photographer and his work can be seen at www.retrotie.com

Marquis Fetish Magazine 2008
This was taken when I finished my painting for the magazine from Europe. I had a controversey over the production of the painting and it's end use. I was not happy.